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TDK Expands the Tronics AXO®300 Series

TDK’’s new AXO305 is a ±5 g accelerometer tailored for navigation, positioning, and motion control of land and marine manned and unmanned systems. Built with an innovative closed-loop architecture that delivers high linearity and stability even under strong vibrations, the accelerometers from the AXO300 platform feature an excellent one-year composite bias repeatability of 1 mg and composite scale factor repeatability of movie review 600 ppm.

With an input measurement range of ±5 g and vibration rectification error of 20 μg/g², AXO305 is tailored to navigation, positioning and motion control functions of land, rail and marine transportation systems and vehicles.

It demonstrates a Bias Instability of 4 μg with a ±0.5 mg bias over its temperature range, thus enabling precise GNSS-aided navigation of manned and unmanned ground vehicles and trains when integrated into Inertial Navigation System (INS). AXO305 is a perfect candidate for Motion Reference Units (MRU) used for ship motion control and dynamic positioning, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) for land navigation, subsea navigation of AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles), platform and crane stabilization as well as precision robotics.

Opera is in league of Google & Microsoft, aiming to integrate ChatGPT into its products

The latest browser which has joined the league of the Google & Microsoft AI race is now ChatGPT. This collaboration came just after Google & Microsoft announced the news. As per the report, Opera’s parent company Kunlun Technologies declared its integration with safety sign printing ChatGPT.

Opera hasn’t yet disclosed the exact details of the integration of the chatbot that has been in the main limelight on the internet. The firm has many products that include web browsers for desktop and mobile and variations of the web browser as well.

Besides Opera, Microsoft has also integrated Open AI’s ChatGPT into its Binge search engine, which will also benefit the Edge Browser. On the other hand, Google has also finally launched its most awaited search engine dubbed Google Bard.

Currently, Opera offers a host of products. While a lot of them might be different variations of the web browsers but lately the firm is also diversifying its portfolio with offerings that do more than surf the web. Moreover, GameMaker is in a complete development environment for making games and Loomi is a video streaming platform among the services and other several products.