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How to Use New Tech to Succeed in an Old Industry, and to Give Back

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As a mother of three, Heidi Hertel knew firsthand the struggle of finding the perfect pair of glasses for kids. Measuring their faces and finding the color and style they want can be a struggle, to say agen poker online the least.

Going through this process while shopping for her two daughters who needed corrective glasses at young ages helped Hertel come up with the idea for Fitz Frames: a business that uses an app to design custom glasses for children and 3D printing to create them. The process eliminates consumers’ search for eyewear retailers and cuts the cost of glasses from several hundred dollars to $95 for a pair of glasses.

In addition to providing a needed service for parents and their kids, Fitz Frames partners with nonprofits Vision to Learn and Black Girls Code, using its manufacturing process and 3D printing technology to spark kids’ interest in learning about science.
Like many moms, Hertel was looking for an efficient, economic way to meet her children’s needs. At very young ages, her daughters needed glasses, as they were diagnosed with amblyopia and strabismus. Amblyopia is when one eye has diminished eyesight, while strabismus is a condition in which both eyes do not align properly.

“When I went through this issue with my own family, I wondered if it was just me, and I went to other parents and found out it wasn’t,” Hertel told “Everyone was having the same issues finding glasses that they loved, and it helped me realize that there was really something here, and it gave me the validation I needed.”

According to The Vision Council, more than 22 million children in the U.S. wear glasses. Given the costs of purchasing multiple pairs of glasses, and how often kids break or misplace them, the cost for glasses adds up. Hertel considered these obstacles and transformed them into a solution useful for parents facing similar struggles.