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Tourism Australia campaign pitches horticulture and hospitality work to Kiwis

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A new advertising campaign to lure New Zealanders to Australia to help pick fruit and vegetables is the latest attempt to try to offset a potential situs slot online labour shortage crisis for Australian farmers.

The campaign — which is also aimed at hospitality workers — uses slogans like “enjoy the fruits of your labour”, “‘pick your way to paradise by working on an Aussie fruit farm” and “work your way to paradise with a job in Aussie hospitality”.

Federal Trade and Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said he hoped it would “attract thousands of Kiwis” across the Tasman to work on Australian farms.

“Kiwis, where most states have got the borders open for quarantine free travel, are an obvious market where we hope that young people can choose to take a gap year,” Mr Birmingham said.

Mr Birmingham said he hoped New Zealanders would not only help to fill employment gaps in struggling sectors, but also bring in much-needed tourism dollars.

“We equally hope that it becomes a two-way travel bubble, and it may well be that when that occurs some young Australians decide to do likewise in terms of travelling around New Zealand and doing a bit of work while they’re there,” he said.